Pakistan Case Study

Pakistani boys with camera
iMedia has been involved in several significant projects in Pakistan.

  • Communication Audits: Working for the UK Department for International Development (DFID), we were asked initially to carry out a scoping study on the shape of the media in Pakistan, with particular emphasis on new media.
  • Communication Strategy Design: We used this information and other material gathered in-country to design a communications strategy, emphasising how communications projects could be used to further development goals.
  • Strengthening Civil Society Communications: iMedia supported Pakistani civil society organisations working to counter the views of extremists and campaign for peace. We supported existing community organisations in developing a plan for a campaign for peace. This expanded into helping the newly-formed Aman Ittehad organisation to develop and refine their communication strategy. This work was supported by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
  • Analysing Extremist Propaganda: iMedia was commissioned by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to identify and analyse the ways in which radical Islamists use new media to propagate their messages.