Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme (NSRP)

After 15 months of hectic activity, a team led by iMedia has delivered a range of conflict sensitive communication workshops to over 100 Nigerian journalists as an introduction to changing the way they report conflict and handle issues resulting from it. The security sector and civil society were also involved in a pilot media relations course which is now being rolled out across the major trouble spots in the country. And the curricula of two of the country’s leading journalism training schools is being adapted to meet the needs of reporting the crises Nigeria is currently experiencing. A 12 month post graduate diploma course on conflict sensitive journalism has been written by Nigerian and international specialists over the past year and will go live in the spring of 2014. A paper on this course was delivered to a capacity audience at the UNISA bi-annual international distance education conference in South Africa in September 2013. And importantly for NSRP, eight partner radio stations have agreed that they will put into practice conflict sensitive journalism principles for a minimum of one hour’s current affairs phone-in programming each day. This will be monitored by NSRP and monthly reports provided to each radio station on the extent to which they have hit performance targets related to conflict sensitivity.