In Memoriam

Gordon Adam and iMedia colleagues have been shocked and saddened by the tragic road accident in February in which two eminent Professors, Sam Kafewo and Jenks Jenkeri were killed along with another colleague from Ahmadu Bello University’s Theatre and Performing Arts Department. This is a tragedy for the department which has lost its leadership, for their families and for NSRP. The Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme’s media component – which iMedia designed – has been developing an online course in conflict sensitive communication, which is being mounted in collaboration with Ahmadu Bello University. Both Sam and Jenks were enthusiastic supporters of the course, and Sam in particular has worked tirelessly over the past 18 months to secure the support of the University. It has been a pleasure working with such committed individuals. Sam presented the new course to an international distance learning conference in South Africa in September 2013, to great interest from a packed audience. Nigeria has lost two of its most prominent figures in the field of development communications. But the online course in conflict sensitive communications – the first of its kind anywhere –  will be launched later this year. We hope it will be a lasting memorial to Sam and Jenks.