The power of networking

This happy photo taken in Abuja shows Jackie Davies, Founder of the C4D (Communications for Development) Network meeting some of our key partners, Deshola Komolafe, Maude Rabiu Gwadabe and Lauratu Abdulsalam. On iMedia’s recommendation, they are supporting Jackie and the C4D Network to roll out a programme of trainings on social norms and violence against children […]

Bon Voyage

Best of luck to Nicola Harford who is taking a sabbatical from her iM Director’s duties and bravely embarking on another adventure – The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. We’ll watch your progress closely. Come home safely!


iMedia Associates are delighted to announce our Director of Technology and Innovation, Dr. Emrys Schoemaker, has successfully completed and defended his PhD thesis ‘Digital Faith: social media and the enactment of religious identity in Pakistan‘.

A Positive Media Story from Bangladesh

From Dr Mary Myers, iMedia Associate: Recently Bangladesh has become synonymous with negative stories surrounding its media: murders of bloggers, attacks on writers and journalists, the blocking of opposition media and websites.  Lots of bad news… So amid this grim picture, it was uplifting to witness several positive developments facilitated by the media during my […]

Converging media in a time of transition

From Nicola Harford, Director of Operations and Learning: My recent trip to Burma/Myanmar revealed some significant changes in the political and media landscape since my first visit two years ago. In the parliamentary elections held in November 2015, Aung San Suu Kyi’s NLD party swept the board with 80% of the vote and gained a […]